Where is Little Poppets based?

Little Poppets is based in Ashburton, Canterbury.

Where do you get your clothing from?

We sell all our clothing on behalf of parents, just like you! All of the clothing we accept is put through our quality tests before being listed on our website.

Is buying pre-loved clothing hygienic?

Absolutely! We steam all items of clothing before we photograph them. Not only does steaming make the items wrinkle free and gorgeous looking, but steaming removes any possible pre-loved smells as well.
We are parents too, and fussy ones at that. We would never sell anything to you, that we would not buy for our own children!

What happens if there is a problem with my order, can I return it?

All of our clothing is put through our quality test but sometimes a defect slips past us. We are happy to offer our 100% money back guarantee within 30 days if you have a problem with your purchase. Just email us and let us know it’s coming, and we will credit your store account or chosen bank account when it gets back to us.
Love what you get – or get your money back!

What happens to the clothing you don’t accept, or to items that don’t sell?

You can choose to have it sent back you at your cost, or donated to the Little Sprouts – our chosen charity, on your behalf. Donating is the most popular and Little Sprouts are very thankful for your help!

How will you pay me for my clothing that I send you to sell?

When you send us your clothing, there is an option on the form to choose. You can either choose to Trade Up! and receive 50% store credit as soon as your items are accepted, or Cash Out! and receive 40% cash after the items have sold. We pay our Cash Out! Customers once a month, generally around the 20th for the previous months sales.

Trade Up! is the most popular method, and also our preferred method of payment as it helps us cover our costs, and keep our prices low!