About Us

As a mother of three small children, I know first hand how expensive it can be dressing your children in high quality clothing as they grow.

Did you know that in the first two years of life, children wear 7 sizes of clothing? That’s a lot of clothing!

Once they have outgrown their clothing, what do you do with them? Since your child has grown so fast, the clothing is still in gorgeous condition, but you paid a lot for them so you don’t want to just give them away, but selling them yourself just seems like a lot of work.

After talking to friends with children, I found others shared my problem.

We had all tried buying branded second hand clothing off buy and sell websites to save some money, but most of the time the clothing would come in less than desirable condition, definitely not how it was described in the auction!

Selling was also hard work on those websites. As tired, sleep deprived mothers, getting the clothing ready to sell themselves and posting out the orders when they sold was the last thing they felt like doing!

I thought to myself there really must be a better way… and that is how Little Poppets was born.

A place where parents can buy hand-selected, like new children’s clothing, and trust that it is going to arrive in gorgeous condition. And a place where parents can also send their child’s out-grown but still in gorgeous condition clothing and earn cash or store credit for the clothing!

We have new clothing arriving daily, so the stock is for ever changing. Make sure to pop back often as there are only one of each item and they get snapped up quickly!

xx Sara and the team at Little Poppets