Tips to get more of your kids clothing accepted to sell

Tips To Get More Of Your Kids Clothing Accepted To Sell

Getting ready to sell your kids outgrown clothing with us? Here are a few tips to help you get more of your clothing accepted to sell.



Check clothing in natural light. We know it’s tempting to get jobs done when the little ones are down for the night, but stains are best found in natural light. When we are processing clothing, we hold them up and check them in front of a big window, that way we catch all the wee stains that like to hide in the dark!

Take care when washing and drying your kids clothing, a simple tip like washing your merino clothing on a delicate cycle and lying flat to dry helps to keep them nice. Have you ever seen those little wee holes in merino garments? The fibres of merino snap easily, so taking care when washing helps stop this.

Washing and drying clothing inside out, and remembering to not leave them on the line for too long stops that nasty sun fade. Often we get gorgeous clothing in that is faded at the seams and under collars. We cant accept clothing with sun fade so its a real shame!

Zip zippers up, and button up buttons before washing. Not only does this help keep your clothing in shape when washing, but it also makes the job a lot faster at our end. 

When selecting kids clothing to sell, keep our 5 yes test in mind. Our 5 yes test is the questions we ask ourselves when processing clothing

1. Is it gently worn? 

2. Is it in fantastic condition?

3. Would we buy it?

4. Would we dress our own children in it?

5. Can we sell it? 

Make the most of the postage price. Fill the bag as much as you can, and send us your best. Higher end brands fetch a higher price, which means more money for you. Also check out the ‘what we accept’ page. If all your clothing is accepted, we will give you a bonus of $10 into your store credit account to offset the shipping cost. 

Once your kids clothing is sent off to us, we will take care of the rest. We steam all the clothing to make them nice and fresh and to remove wrinkles. We photograph them, code them so we know what clothing belongs to who, and list them on our website. Once a week we send an email to all our email subscribers, and we also post new arrivals on our Facebook page.

You can help sell your clothing faster by sharing our website with your friends, and liking and sharing our Facebook posts on your own Facebook profile. The more people that know about Little Poppets, the more people there are to buy your items and also a bigger stock selection when they too become sellers! 

Three easy steps to re-vamp your child’s wardrobe: Save, Salvage and Sell.


Children outgrow their clothing so fast. This article teaches you how you can sort your children’s outgrown clothing, donate to a good cause and get ready for selling some clothing on consignment.

Consigning your clothing is a great way of earning some money for your children’s clothing that might normally just be passed along to friends and family. Hand-me-downs are useful for the person receiving the clothing – but how about you? Consigning clothing is also a great way to fund your child’s next season’s clothing requirements too!

Sorting mountains of clothing can be overwhelming but is does not need to be. It can be as easy as one, two three!


You will need:

  1. A plastic storage container.
  2. A few plastic bags.
  3. A marker pen.
  4. Consignment form and mailing bag.

    The Process: Save, Salvage and Sell.



Clear a space to organise your pile of clothing.

Label your plastic bags with ‘Donate’, ‘Consign/Sell’ and ‘Rubbish’ so that you know what the purpose of each bag is. The Storage container is reserved for clothing that you would like to save for a younger sibling, friends or family – or even for sentimental reasons.

Fill the ‘Rubbish’ bag with any clothes that do not ‘make the grade’ due to being torn, stained or ruined.




In the Storage container, put in all the clothing that you want to save. Fold them neatly so that the items will store well and think carefully about what you want to save.

SALVAGE/DONATE: Fill these bags with clothing that you would like to donate to a charity shop for other children to wear.

SELL/CONSIGN: Fill the consign/sell bag with the nicer items of clothing that are left. Double-check that all of these items are in great condition. Look for tears, marks, missing buttons or broken zips – and if you find any of these then re-allocate these items to the Salvage bag.


Now that you know where all of the clothing is to go – it is time to put your organisation into action!

Move the storage box somewhere safe and free of damp for future use.

Drop the Salvage/Donate bags off to a nearby clothing bin or drop them off for your local op shop.

Slip the consign/sell bags into the mailing bag along with the form that came with the bag and send them off to us at Little Poppets.

Job done!

Now you can sit back and relax while Little Poppets sells the clothing for you.

Reward yourself with some chocolate or some online shopping for your child’s next season’s outfits –  you have earned it!